Fall Colour Trends

  • Sep 22, 2020

As the leaves begin to change, so does our apparel!
Pantone’s Fall/Winter 2020/2021 colour palette was selected based on consumers’ desire for longevity and versatility. Consumers want colours that will make a statement, and that will allow them to wear their pieces for a few seasons.
A brilliant orange to promote self-confidence and self-expression.
Turn heads and add some energy with this gorgeous red! 
This rustic earthy tone is linked to nature.
Classic Blue
This beautiful blue is Pantone's colour of the year! It represents the evening sky that offers a world of possibilities.
Green Sheen
Make a statement with the optimistic and rebellious quality of this bright hue!
Click a photo above to see options available in your colour of choice. Send us a message if you see something you like.

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